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9 Taiwanese Face Charges for Anal Gold Smuggling

Well, this is impressive. South Korean customs officials have announced that they have broken up a gold smuggling ring. The kicker? The mules would bring in the gold through their anuses.

According to reports from China and Japan, mules were recruited in Taiwan and offered free travel and accommodation in Seoul. Once arriving in the South Korean capital, they would meet their handlers in a subway station where the gold would be…unloaded.

Customs officials made the bust after noticing one if the smugglers “acting suspiciously.”

Authorities say that the group smuggled 270 gold pieces, each weighing in at 225g into South Korea over 11 separate trips. If you do the math, each mule carried 5.5kg in their butts. That’s a lot of booty in that booty.

The total value of the gold was reported to be around US$3 million.

Police has issued warrants for the ringleader, a 47-year-old man named Zou, along with eight accomplices.



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