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A Melbourne Restaurant Has Created Alcoholic Phở, Because Why Not

Phở-loving alcoholics, rejoice!

Two months ago, we all thought that Melbourne had already reached 'peak Melbourne' when a local café made international headlines with the avolatte, a coffee drink served in a scooped-out avocado skin. The stunt turned out to be largely satirical, but it still proved that nothing is off-limits in Australia’s hipster capital.

The world was still recovering from the absurdity of the avocado-based beverage when another Melbourne establishment decided to drop this bomb on us: they have combined the city’s trendiest drink, the Negroni, with its favorite Asian soup, phở, to create the Pho-Groni.

The eatery to blame is Uncle, a local Vietnamese restaurant on Melbourne’s Collins Street. According to The Urban List, an Australian lifestyle website, the drink was produced in honor of Negroni Week and has been available since June 5.

To create a bottle of Pho-Groni, the gin is first infused with a phở-inspired spice mix – ginger, toasted star anise and coriander seeds. The remaining wet ingredients are Campari, vermouth and water. The entire concoction requires three to four months in a barrel to reach a mature flavor.

One Pho-Groni costs AU$21.5 (US$17).

[Photo via The Urban List]

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