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Burger King Unleashes 'Black Burger' on Japan

While fast food chains have taken advantage of America’s love of junk food (we’re looking at you, Taco Bell and KFC) in Japan, it’s the quirkiness that they try to exploit.

The Internet may have balked at Lottria’s “Ramen Burger” when it was introduced last May in the Land of the Rising Sun, but it’s Burger King that has upped the ante with their new “Kuro (meaning “black” in Japanese) Burger,” which looks “absolutely disgusting, according to Gizmodo.”

The unfortunate looking sandwich sports a black bun and cheese colored with bamboo charcoal; ketchup made with soy sauce and squid ink and 115 gram beef paddies packed with black pepper.

The burger, only available for a limited time, has been described by Burger King as a chance to "overturn the fast food industry."

They’re probably right, but it might be in the way they hoped.

To be fair, I bet it would would be delicious if paired with the right beverage, perhaps a glass of refreshing cat wine?


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