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Hanoi Design Agency Launches Apartment Building Renovation Contest

The contest, called Space Wizard in English, will award unique concepts aimed at refurbishing old apartment buildings in the capital and creating more livable areas.

According to Tuoi Tre, DRA Design and Consultant JSC announced the competition last Wednesday. The company hopes to discover "unique, unexpected and creative ideas to revitalize and transform degraded living and public spaces at Hanoi's old apartment buildings, helping them become fresher and livelier."

Vietnamese and foreigners are able to enter the contest, either solo or in groups, with prizes of VND1 billion (US$43,000) in total set to be given out. Contestants must be seven years old or above. (We're curious what a seven-year-old would spend US$43,000 on.)

The news source adds that individuals younger than seven can enter Space Wizard if their idea is particularly exceptional, though such precocious whippersnappers must join as a group.

Those interested can submit their ideas from September 4 to 25, and winners will be announced on October 7. Entries can be either hand-drawn or digitally rendered.

Le Viet Ha, director of the Urban Initiatives Hub under the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, and one of the judges for the contest, told Tuoi Tre: "We want to erase all differences between those who can use computer design software and those who don't so that everyone is welcome to submit their ideas."

More information is available on the contest's website.

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