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[Video] A Rare Look Into Indochina From the French Perspective

It’s not particularly difficult to seek out a good collection of old Saigon photos, as the city has always been a muse for photographers from all walks of life. However, old video footage of the country might be a little harder to procure, which makes this documentary about Indochina under French occupation a rare find.

The short clip, titled Indochine Coloniale, appears to be an informative feature for the French public on the country’s work in Indochina, which was France's primary colony in Asia. In between footage of Vietnam’s scenery and city streets, the narrator provides the audience brief tidbits on Vietnamese culture and the economy, such as rice paddies, rubber plantations and fisheries.

Moreover, the documentary also promotes Saigon’s Pasteur Institute and its role as a crucial research facility in Indochina.

Have a gander at the video below:

[Video via YouTube user T Kramer]

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