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Quy Nhon is regarded as a hidden oasis thanks to its sweeping and sparsely populated beaches and untrammeled terrain, but its food is no less unique or laudable.

Blessed with pristine waters and fertile soil, Binh Dinh's capital city has developed a rich culinary tradition with unique versions of familiar dishes as seen in these colorful illustrations by local Saigon artist Anh Ha. Tangy bún chả cá (rice noodles with fish cakes), delicate bánh bèo with crushed peanuts with the city's special chili paste and the area's infamous bánh xèo that are famed for its ample supply of plump shrimp all get presented in vibrant tones.

The city's snail salad, gòi ốc giác, is paired with the rice crackers that accompany nearly every meal in the region and are heralded as the food that allowed Nguyen Hue to sustain his army's rapid flight to the capital to vanquish the Chinese puppets in the 18th century.

It's always with a little caution that we let people in on the "secret" that is Quy Nhon, but the food is just one more reason to visit before the city becomes little more than a barnacle crusted onto a bloated corporate resort. Like a plate of steaming bánh xèo freshly delivered to your table, there is no better time to enjoy the city that immediately. 

Take a look at the photos below and then book your flight:

Bún chả cá.

Bánh xèo.

Bánh bèo.

Gỏi ốc giác.

[Photos via Behance user Anh Ha]

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