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[Video] Recycle: Saigon's Uber-Cool Tattoo Parlor

Not only in Vietnam but around the world, tattoos are at once both embraced and misunderstood: older generations loathe them, younger generations view them as an important tool of self-expression.

However one Saigon tattoo artist has an interesting perspective on the whole tattoo situation. Hieu, owner of Phu Nhuan District's Recycle Tattoo Studio, chats to the Only in Saigon crew about his philosophy on the notion of recycling.

“To recycle something means to turn a useless thing, an object meant to be thrown away, into something useful,” says Hieu. “There have been times in my life when people who knew me called me 'trash'. I pushed myself to work harder, to become more useful and valuable. I think it’s even more meaningful to be recycled than to be resurrected.”

The tattoo artist goes on to explain his outlook on life while Only in Saigon takes a tour of the studio's trendy, industrial digs. Take a look below:

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