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[Video] Honda Celebrates Saigon's Super Cubs With Charming TVC

Is there anything more reminiscent of 1990s Saigon than a Honda Super Cub?

According to the Japan-based automobile manufacturer, Honda will have produced 100 million units of its most iconic motorbike, the Super Cub, by January of next year. Thus, in order to celebrate the occasion, Honda decided to film a series of old-school television commercials, starting with a quirky montage of Saigon titled Super Cub Riders.

The clip, filmed in the city in September, is a heartwarming tribute to the souther hub's affection for the tiny but trustworthy Cub. Take a look through any photo collection of 1990s Vietnam and Honda’s Super Cub almost always makes a cameo, from the bustling streets of Saigon to the vistas of sleepy Da Lat.

Super Cub Riders’ portrayal of the southern hub is realistic but tinged with a dreamy, old-school filter. The production team demonstrated great attention to detail in bringing the city to life, from carts of flowers to neatly arranged displays of dragonfruit in Saigon's bustling wet markets. Still, the TV commercial seems to be set in an alternate universe, in which every resident of Saigon drives a Super Cub – which would be a wonderful place, all things considered.

Enjoy Honda’s love letter to the Super Cubs of Saigon below, and make sure to check out the behind-the-scenes reel, too, available here.

[Video via YouTube user 本田技研工業株式会社 (Honda)]

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