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[Photos] New Children's Book Introduces Southeast Asia's Animals to the World

A New York-based art director and illustrator recently published a children’s book on the fauna and flora of Laos and Vietnam featuring a host of intricate drawings.

The picture book, titled Wonders of the Annamites, spans 12 different habitats and includes up to 60 species. It marks a collaboration between author Eric Losh and Laos-based conservation and education nonprofit Project Anoulak. The word "Annamite" refers to a stretch of rugged mountain that forms a natural border between Laos and Vietnam.

According to Mongabay, the book chronicles a family’s trip through the mountain range, offering readers a rare view into the biodiversity of Laos and Vietnam’s wilderness, from gibbons to douc langur monkeys to the mysterious saola. It will be published in English, French, Lao, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese in an effort to reach as many people as possible, raising awareness about habitat loss and rampant poaching in the region.

“The situation is grim, and unfortunately, most people outside of conservation circles don’t even know that the region exists,” Losh told Mongabay.

The idea for Wonders of the Annamites began with Camille Coudrat, founder and director of Project Anoulak, who had thought about creating a children’s book for years. Coudrat knew of Losh’s work through the Saola Working Group, and once she found out about his 2013 book about Ugandan primates, The Chorus of Kibale, it became clear that he was the perfect fit for the Annamites project.

Have a glimpse into some of Losh’s vibrant illustrations for the book below:

[Photos via Mongabay]

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