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An Illustrated Homage to Saigon Traffic

From old buildings and frenetic traffic to bustling sidewalks and endless construction, Saigon provides no shortage of visual inspiration for the city’s illustrators, artists and graphic designers.

For the team behind a new series of illustrations titled Sai Gon Sau Vai, it was views of the city’s traffic that prompted them to create a back-of-the-bike portrait series depicting Saigon’s eclectic array of vehicles and the cargo they carry.

“Here in Saigon, every time I make a step out on the street, I see someone's back,” the series introduction reads. “Though I do not see their faces, but they all do bring me some endless inspirations...”

The project, headed up by art director Maxk Nguyen, features illustrations from Tran Huu Danh, Hiia Huynh and Phong Vo as well as animation by Tuanlinhtinh, Ghi Nguyen and Ha Thanh Huy.

Take a look at the illustrations, originally featured on Behance, below:

[Illustrations via Behance]

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