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Bringing Back the Green

Green bedroom. Source: New York Times

The idea of “going green” is gaining popularity in our fair Vietnam, and while the government talks about it on a national level, there are plenty of good examples of individual applications of the concept.

One of these is a traditional home design with a green flare that was covered in the New York Times a few months back.

The owner’s mother-in-law had fond memories of growing up in a traditional “nha ong” or “tube house” in the outskirts of Hanoi. Before Vietnam’s cities became densely populated, it was common for this style of house to feature an open, central courtyard and light shafts throughout. Attracted to this refreshing style, the owners hired Vo Trong Nghia, a famous Vietnamese architect to design the Stacking Green House.

For under US$150,000, they were able to construct their dream house which features excellent cross-ventilation, a small courtyard, rooftop garden and a central shaft capped with a skylight (allowing them look down into the kitchen or up at the moon).

While not certified by Vietnam’s newly passed green building code, it’s innovative and energy-saving design - they pay only US$25/month for electricity - have received high praise.

With 9 more of these houses under construction in Hanoi and Saigon, it looks like the trend is catching on and we couldn’t be happier.

To read the full article and hear more about the planning, challenges and reception of this design, head over to the New York Times.

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