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On October 9, the Center of Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring held a press conference reporting its findings on Saigon’s environmental quality.

The agency found that the two most common types of pollution of the city are dust particles, also known as particulate matter (PM), and traffic noise, Zing reports. The results were based on an examination of 30 locations in the city over 10 days at two time periods: 7:30am–8:30am and 3pm–4pm.

Assessment results from 19 traffic points in Saigon show that on average, the level of particulate matter in the city exceeds the air quality standard level by 50.8%. The level of noise pollution is even worse, exceeding the standard level by 93.9%.

Noise and air pollution is especially bad in the areas surrounding Cat Lai Port in District 2, the intersection between Huynh Tan Phat and Nguyen Van Linh streets in District 7, Go Vap District, near An Suong bus station, and Binh Phuoc Ward in Thu Duc district. According to the news source, the levels of pollutants in these areas are constantly higher than what is considered normal and standard for a healthy atmosphere.

Cat Lai Port has the worst pollution of all, with dust particles and noise pollutant levels exceeding the allowed standard by 99% and 100%, respectively.

The center also gave some insight into the smog which hit the city September 18-22. According to their results, there was an unusual increase in PM10 (dust particles of 10 micrometers or less in diameter), PM2.5 (fine particles of 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter), nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air on these days.

The center suggested that residents, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly, avoid going outside, driving in traffic or participating in outdoor activities on days when pollution is particularly bad. 

[Photo by Doan Xa via Dai Doan Ket]

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