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Vietnam Crowned Asia's Leading Culinary, Cultural Destination at World Travel Awards

Vietnam’s rising position in the global tourism arena was recently recognized by scores of accolades at the World Travel Awards.

The ranking was established in 1993 and is considered by some to be the “Oscars of the travel industry.” In the first phase, nominees compete within their geographical region; then, the winners of each region go head-to-head in each category to find global winners.

On October 12, the award-giving ceremony for the Asia region took place on Phu Quoc in Vietnam, with the host clinching a number of important prizes. Specifically, it won the Asia’s Leading Destination prize for the second year in a row, beating eight other countries.

According to Vietnam News, this year was also the first time Vietnam was nominated in the Leading Culinary Destination, which it won over China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Thailand. The country also took home the award for Asia’s Leading Cultural Destination, while Hoi An and Cuc Phuong National Park won Leading Cultural City and Leading National Park, respectively.

Vietnam, along with other regional winners, will compete for the global title in their categories. The world stage results will be announced at a gala in Muscat, Oman this November.

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