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Botched Penile Implants on the Rise

Well, we started this week with the story of a Quang Nam principal who had his penis inspected by local authorities to disprove rumors of an affair. And now, a spate of botched penile silicone implants is making their rounds in the local press. Within the last week, five patients have been admitted to Saigon hospitals due to complications with the liquid silicone injections used in the attempt to enlarge their penis size.

The five men, who are from southern Ca Mau Province, injected themselves with an “unknown quantity” of silicone. Several months after the injections, sexual function has ceased and some have seen their precious members become deformed said Dr. Mai Ba Tien Dung, head of the Men’s Diseases Department at Binh Dan Hospital. According to Tuoi Tre:

“After being injected into the human body, silicon can cause reactions similar to a transplant rejection.When injected directly into blood vessels, liquid silicon can cause a pulmonary embolism, or even death, if the injection isn’t carried out correctly, Dr. Dung warned.”

While still relatively rare, instances of botched injections have become more common this year. To treat it, doctors remove the infected tissue and then return 3 months later for “penis regeneration.”

That. Sounds. Horrible.

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]