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Priceless Vietnamese Parody of 'Fox Say' ('Bài Ca Phở')

Hit track, 'The Fox' from Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis has become a viral sensation the world over. As the ripples of its influence ping off different cultural walls, we end up with hilarious parodies like the one below, 'Bài ca phở' (What does the Pho say) from the always creative Pho Team.

Here's a loose English translation, courtesy of Youtube commenter, Cuong Nguyen:

Boiling water, then stew some bones,
Its taste is well, put some onion
Shake some black pepper to add more flavor 
Just remember buy some more culantro
Fresher beefffff...
So carving forrrrr 
To having a good good tasty bowl bowl bowl 
With some sauces, chili lemonnnnnnnn 
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
One one one more bowlllll
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
So sososos fffk good sososo fffk good :D
Superman said: ....
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Phở Phở Phở....
All the juice's out
It's not rice or sticky rice
Smell really good but not rice cake
Like Udon but better taste 
And whole world want to eattttttt 
Medium rare beef, brisket and tendon... So wonderfullllll 
You may one more egg, for what? to make it better  
So do you remember my name nameeeeeee??? 
Bored rice craved for Phở..... 
One icetea plzzzzzzzz
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Give me the check plzzzzz
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Give me the bean sproutttttt 
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Sold sold sold out
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Meat meat meat ball plzzz
What does the phở sayyyyy ??
Stop selling nowwwwwwwww.....


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