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[Video] The Classic Tale of Mid-Autumn Retold Through Dazzling Visuals

The short animated animated short shimmers with millennial style and subversive salesmanship. 

Gone are the days of repetitive brand jingles and forefronting of blatant logos. In response to increasingly cynical consumers skeptical of being sold to, ads around the world are becoming more subtle in the hopes that simply entertaining audiences or appealing will result in eventual purchases. The approach is on full display in the impressive short video The Tale of Cuoi.

Borrowing from the classic legend associated with the coming Mid-Autumn Festival wherein a man's treasured banyan tree uproots and flies to the moon, The Tale of Cuoi follows a boy traveling into space to retrieve a star for unspecified reasons. After snatching it from the sentient tree, he zips across galaxies, his ship pinging through intergalactic pinball solar systems before finally arriving at some futuristic cityscape.

The chaotic clip features a non-sequitur scene occupied by a jiving rabbit, grooving gal and some sort of happy-go-lucky firefly. The colorful video was created by television studio Children Of as a way to flex their creative muscles by making over an age-old tale using modern animation techniques.

Take a look below:

[Video via Facebook page Tale of Cuoi]

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