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Pháo Drops New MV for TikTok Smash Hit '2 Phút Hơn' Featuring Tyga

The song, which became a massive success thanks to its use in TikTok videos, is getting even more attention with the addition of the Californian rapper.

The KAIZ remix of Pháo's '2 Phút Hơn' released late last year has reached nearly 200 million YouTube views and was at one point the most-searched-for song on Shazam. Such prominence attracted the attention of Tyga, an American rapper who reached out to Pháo to offer a verse for a remix that dropped late last week. 

While Tyga, a 31-year-old Compton native, is rarely praised for the complexity or creativity of his lyrics, he has a knack for finding and releasing massively successful songs, such as 'A-Yo' with Chris Brown and 'Taste' with Offset.

Pháo, an 18-year-old rapper who rose to fame after winning second place on music competition King of Rap specializes in spitting over the Vinahouse-style beat found on '2 Phút Hơn (Make It Hot) [KAIZ Remix].'

Even if you don't know it by name, when you hear the song you will immediately recognize the rambunctious earworm. The new video for the remix is a VFX showcase, with Pháo rapping in the form of some temple-like vehicle and plenty of lights, lasers and neon lotus befitting the rowdy beat. Representatives from both artists claim that this is just the first of more collaborations to come, including a new, original song expected soon.

While often categorized as African American, Tyga's mother is Vietnamese and he has a large tattoo with 'Vietnam" on his arm. He often promotes Vietnamese-inspired fashion and tabloids reported that he and has grandmother used to make Vietnamese food for socialite Kylie Jenner when they were dating several years ago.

This new song is another entry in the increasing trend of Vietnamese rappers getting features from American hip-hop musicians. Previously, Whiz Khalifa sprinkled his signature bars on 'Numbers' with Sô Y Tiết, and Snoop Dogg stopped by SƠN TÙNG M-TP's yacht to wax poetic about sipping wine and splitting spines. 

Take a look at the video below: 

Video via Spinnin' Records YouTube.

[Top photo via Spinnin' Records]

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