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A Striking Tapestry of Emotions in the Exhibition 'Postcards From the Pandemic'

Postcards From the Pandemic,” a community exhibition organized by Work Room Four and Hanoi Grapevine, is on display in Hanoi from November 10 to 23.

After days of seeking public contributions, the exhibition is now showing postcards created by the community. There are also interactive spaces where visitors can participate. The purpose of this project is to collect as many thoughts and feelings from the community as possible, then assemble them to portray a striking picture of emotions during the pandemic .

By asking everybody the question “how are you?”, the organizers hope to provide a space where people can express themselves while also encouraging emotional release. 

According to Claire Driscoll, the curator of “Postcards from the Pandemic,” her hope with this project is to allow participants to share their true feelings through the postcards, while providing a sense of safety and belonging. The postcards reveal, via all the stories and experiences, that we are not alone, even in the darkest hours.

Due to the pandemic, the event must follow government's directives to maintain safety. All visitors must complete health declarations, wear a mask, and use sanitizer at the entrance. The exhibition only permits 30 people to enter at a time; there might be a 15 minutes wait if the room is full. 

“Postcards from the Pandemic” is open to visitors every day from 9:30am to 6:00pm at Work Room Four’s gallery. 

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