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[Video] 'As a Saigonese': Saigon in Vivid 4.6k

From multicolored layers of chipped paint to a sliver of light emanating from a darkened alleyway, Saigon is a city of details. While the naked eye provides a solid lens, we’re often too busy avoiding oncoming motorbikes to truly absorb these minutiae.

This short by Vimeo user Blak Ray was filmed with a URSA Mini 4.6K Beta Unit camera, supplemented by a combination of high-powered Zeiss Contax and Canon lenses, allowing for spectacular detail. 

Unlike many of the videos we post, this serves as more of a proof of concept rather than a plot-driven narrative. While it may lack in story, the film provides perhaps the most detailed view of Saigon we’ve ever seen captured on video  assuming your computer is powerful enough to load the ridiculous resolution.

[Video via Vimeo user Blak Ray]

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