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Ready to Trade in Your iPhone for a Bphone?

In what some believe is a last-ditch attempt to offload its remaining stock, Vietnamese tech outfit Bkav is offering local smartphone users the opportunity to trade in their old Apple, Samsung and HTC products for a brand-new Bphone.

The company recently announced its upcoming promotion on Facebook, reports Zing, promising to exchange several other smartphone models for its homegrown counterpart. Accepted smartphones include newer models such as the iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Z5 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Though there's no word yet on when the promotion will officially launch, Bkav aims to evaluate each old smartphone, asking new customers to pay the difference between the old phone's value and the current cost of a new Bphone.

These days, a 16GB Bphone goes for VND7.9 million, a 64GB costs roughly VND10.96 million and a gold-plated Bphone can be yours for VND19.2 million. The prices of all three models will be reduced by VND3 million during the promotion.

Prior to this phone exchange campaign, Bphone has sold its stock exclusively through an online delivery system. The company is now seeking more traditional channels through which to push its product.

The Bphone first made headlines in May when Bkav CEO Nguyen Tu Quang hyped the product, claiming it was the “best smartphone in the world”.

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