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Alibaba Founder Jack Ma to Attend Vietnam E-Payment Forum in Hanoi

Eccentric billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma will attend Vietnam’s E-Payment Forum in Hanoi next month.

According to Vietnam News, the executive chairman of the e-commerce giant is expected to speak on November 6, joining government leaders, experts and business owners to discuss his experience turning Alibaba into a multi-billion-dollar company as well as general discussions on e-commerce and mobile payment.

Ma’s real-time net worth comes in at US$39.9 billion, making him the third-richest person in China, reports Forbes. The 53-year-old entrepreneur is a former English teacher who enjoys martial arts, owns a vineyard in France, and now devotes much of his time to social causes.

And now, please enjoy a video of Ma treating his employees to a dance performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” last month at their company party:

Video via YouTube user Keen Zhang.

[Photo via Fortune]

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