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How Four Seasons Nam Hai Has Adapted to the New Tourism Landscape

Some of Vietnam’s most esteemed resorts have undergone dramatic transformations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and over the last 18 months, the nation’s most prestigious travel destinations have re-oriented themselves to cater to the domestic market. 

The Four Seasons Hotel Hoi An (Nam Hai) exemplifies the efforts to shift to Vietnamese guests. 


Introducing the Four Seasons

With stunning properties in cities such as Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Milan, tourists from across Europe, North America and Asia hold the Four Seasons in high regard. Despite a seemingly endless list of international awards, representatives from the five-star beach resort told Saigoneer that the Four Seasons brand is relatively unknown in Vietnam, with nearly 90% of visitors typically coming from abroad. Thus, they had to introduce the name to Vietnamese guests via a vigorous marketing strategy that has relied on entertainment and hosting well-known local influencers to get the word out.

This has been a natural fit, given that many domestic tourists are accustomed to spending vacations overseas, yet due to the challenges of international travel, they are looking for destinations closer to home. The Four Seasons Nam Hai explains that they are looking to welcome these families and couples that are looking for a world-class experience and amenities without the stress of quarantine, visas and long flights.


Catering Experiences to Local Tastes

The Four Season’s lavish accommodations, breathtaking private beach, in-villa pools and top-tier service need no translation for local guests. However, some of the experiences previously offered were aimed directly at foreign guests. For example, a cooking academy taught visitors how to make traditional Vietnamese foods. Locals, of course, would have little interest in this, so relying on their Korean, Indian and globally trained chefs, the experience shifted to teaching domestic guests how to prepare international cuisine. 

Other long-running activities remain in place at the Four Seasons and provide Vietnamese an opportunity to try something that may be new to them. Standup paddleboarding on the calm sea and anti-gravity yoga are particularly popular, and even if guests are familiar with Hoi An lantern-making or coconut painting, they may not have had the chance to participate in it before. These activities, which include morning meditation and jogs, help people stay active and entertained if they want to do more than just lounge on the beach or beside the pool. 


A Commitment to Earth-Focused Mindfulness

One of the strongest recent trends in hospitality is increased emphasis on wellness, and The Four Season Nam Hai’s spa offers unique mindfulness programs inspired by Zen Buddhist Thích Nhất Hạnh and his book “Love Letter to the Earth.”  He teaches that people must connect with the planet to achieve peace and balance. The earth vibrates at 432Hz, and harmonizing with it helps the body achieve a state of relaxation, and thus singing crystal bowls in the spa treatments are played at this frequency, sending restorative vibrations into one’s body. Similarly, every night a “Goodnight Kiss to the Earth” ceremony involves staff and guests writing down wishes or messages and releasing them into clear waters.

In addition to the vibration-oriented experiences, the spa offers a wide range of cleanses, treatments and scrubs that may be new to many guests. The hammock meditation, in particular, is unique to the resort. Vietnamese traditional home remedies accompany international practices and rely on plants, many of which are grown in the resort’s on-site garden.

Featuring more than 40 herbs and vegetables, the garden also supplies ingredients to the resort’s kitchen as part of The Four Season Ham Nai’s larger sustainability efforts. Compositing efforts help reduce waste, and their own bottling plant eliminates the reliance on harmful plastics.


Ensuring Safety and Consistency

Travelers are understandably concerned about keeping healthy during the pandemic, and The Four Seasons Nam Hai takes every step possible to safeguard guests in accordance with the global Lead with Care program. All Four Seasons resorts follow strict guidelines and training for cleanliness, safety, comfort and care. Routine meetings make sure that best practices are being followed, monitored and updated as situations evolve. 

The Four Seasons Nam Hai is especially proud to have retained its staff during its extended closure, meaning the commitment to excellent service and guest satisfaction can resume where it left off. One thing that has changed, however, are some of the room rates. Whether an intimate private villa with a romantic view of the beach or a five-bedroom villa ideal for large family gatherings, the resort is offering attractive special offers for all domestic travelers.

While the global pandemic has been difficult on the nation’s tourism industry, it has resulted in some great opportunities for local travelers. Thanks to the new discounts, there has never been a better time to indulge in a world-class resort that is typically overlooked by Vietnamese guests. 

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