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Regent Phu Quoc's Spa Attracts Guests with International Wellness Expertise

What do royal families, tennis superstars and celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Diamond dust, dental drills, buffing cream and leather buffers are all used to keep their feet and nails in impeccable condition thanks to Bastien Gonzalez. The French podiatrist who developed the procedures takes an occasional break from jet-setting around the globe catering to his elite clientele to set up spas, one of which recently opened at the Regent Phu Quoc

“Many women go out and get pedicures (and manicures) to cover up the nail with polish...but I want people to understand that feet can be beautiful naturally,” Gonzalez explained regarding his soothing and nourishing treatments that staff provide at the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez. The full cuticle, nail and massage routine restores an appendage's healthy, natural beauty that will last long after one’s visit. And focusing on more than just feet, offered procedures include a special two-therapist synchronized four-hands treatment for feet, legs, hands and arms. Each therapy designed by the “foot virtuouso” utilizes Révérence de Bastien products formulated in collaboration with French cosmologists that enhance the indulgent hours spent in the spa.

Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez is just one of the ways in which Regent Phu Quoc pushes back on the assumption that all high-end spa experiences are the same. The recently opened world-class resort’s wellness efforts differentiate themselves via the incorporation of numerous globally esteemed brands including Biologique Recherche skincare, locally produced essential oils by Laurent Severac, and equipment by Gharieni. Doing so allows them to “combine state-of-the-art technology with natural time-honored remedies assuring an immersive and rejuvenating experience for every guest,” according to spa director Aye Mon.

Frequenters of resort spas have come to expect familiar lavender and lemongrass aromas when entering treatment rooms. While pleasant, the ubiquity of such fragrances contributes to the feeling that no spa visit is truly unique. Thus, Regent Phu Quoc turned to Laurent Severac, who has spent decades scouring Vietnam and Laos for botanicals such as wild pepper, elemi rosin, Siam wood and Javan citronella. He experiments with his finds in a biodynamic plantation to produce perfumes, balms, oils and scrubs, in addition to craft gins that are attracting attention across Vietnam. The balance of earthy, sweet, and spicy scents not only puts guests in a relaxed mood, but underscores the entire spa’s commitment to novel indulgences. 

When selecting the creams, balms, lotions and oils they use in their spa, Regent Phu Quoc naturally turned to Biologique Recherche. Since the 1970s, the French company has earned a reputation as artisanal skincare experts. They developed an exclusive, customized methodology of cosmetic treatments supported by products consisting of plant, biomarine and biotechnological extracts that are free of synthetic fragrances. Every visit to the Regent Phu Quoc’s luxury Facial Suit begins with a thorough diagnosis performed by Biologique Recherche’s Skin Instant Lab to measure hydration, insensible water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebumetry to thus identify the perfect treatments and products that cater to each guest’s individual needs. 

Internationally admired spa equipment producers Gharieni help further elevate Regent Phu Quoc’s spa offerings. Their thermal quartz therapy beds, for example, allow guests to rest at an incline on warm sand quartz. The minerals cocoon one’s body, alleviating muscle stiffness while a therapist works pressure points to remove tension. The Singing Bowl Quartz Therapy includes Himalayan singing bowls that add a tranquil rhythm to the experience and hastens muscle recovery. 

Gharieni’s Welnamis therapy beds produce precise and complex audio frequencies that gently vibrate into one’s body in tune with one’s chakra for meditative effects. The balancing treatments can vary the intensity of the deep, natural tones depending on the desired experience. The self-guided acoustic therapies do not need the presence of a therapist and will arouse the curiosity of all experienced visitors who think they have tried everything a spa could offer. 

In addition to traditional options, Regent Phu Quoc also provides local specialties such as the high-touch Tam Quat Reviver revitalizing massage that draws influence from traditional Vietnamese healing techniques and aromatherapy. This, in addition to individually tailored chakra cleaning treatments, pre and postnatal treatments, and treatments for young visitors, ensure that any trip will entice people of all persuasions.

With international travel to Phu Quoc increasing sharply and hospitality, dining and shopping services developing to match, it should be of little surprise that destinations on the island are looking to international brands and producers to entice guests. But more than just serve as fancy names to splash on advertising promotions, they enable Regent Phu Quoc to surprise seasoned travelers and wellness-seekers. Treatments designed by Bastien Gonzalez, aromas concocted by Laurent Severac, Biologique Recherche products, and Gharieni equipment all exemplify Regent Phu Quoc’s commitment to leading the way in the island’s international wellness adventures.

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