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Scholarships Provide Unparalleled Opportunities at European International School

Lively student performances, games, activities, a bazaar, and snacks all combined to bring the community even closer together earlier this month at European International School’s (EIS) Thao Dien campus during a festive season celebration. 

More than 1,000 people attended, revealing just how tight-knit the students, families, teachers and staff are at the school built around the principle that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Since its current location opened its doors in 2012, the school has stood apart in Saigon’s educational landscape thanks to the warm, nurturing atmosphere found throughout the campus’ 13 villas and two modern, purpose-built buildings. A lush oasis of calm safety and exploratory learning, the school features small cohorts that grow exceedingly close as they support each other’s academic, extracurricular and personal growth. As a recent graduate that we spoke to who went on to receive a full scholarship to Southern Methodist University in America put it: “We are aware that we are privileged. It shapes our mindsets that we should be better and help others...give back to society as a whole.” 

Students rely on each other as they embark on the rigorous International Baccalaureate Degree Program (IBDP), a globally recognized program that not only introduces them to the material they will encounter in university but also how to approach knowledge and learning with an emphasis on holistic, inquiry-based self-motivation. The importance of the program is underscored by a recently-constructed building that features a large area dedicated to IBDP students as well as state-of-the-art science, mathematics and languages rooms.  

A stellar track record of impressive IBDP examination performances which are consistently amongst the top in the city helps students prepare for some of the leading universities around the world. An important goal for many families at the school, the task of finding a great fit for university is assisted by the school’s tireless guidance counselor who knows what opportunities exist and how to achieve them along with scholarship options.

With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, pupils not only enjoy significant personal attention with classroom activities and approaches tailored to their strengths and needs, they are also introduced to a variety of cultures and along with them, university opportunities. Teachers from throughout Europe as well as the Americas, Australia and New Zealand provide background and connections for students exploring their post-graduation options. EIS’s requirement of foreign language study and selection of European languages has resulted in many students pursuing university on that continent, for example. 

There is no doubt that EIS’s warm and comfortable environment coupled with its premier educational foundation makes it a transformative experience for young adults destined for bright futures. Unfortunately, not every suitable candidate has the means to attend EIS. Thus, several years ago the school decided to offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships to provide tuition to students entering year 10 or 11. Doing so not only provides the candidates with an education that would otherwise be impossible, the school gains additional members that add important perspectives and diversity to the EIS community.

John Veitch, European International School's Head of School.

“Know about the school, know about the IB program and show off your work ethic,” John Veitch, EIS’s Head of School offered when Saigoneer asked what advice he would give to applicants who are invited to sit down with him for an interview. Being familiar with the IB program he said is particularly important because it is likely a very different experience compared to where they had been studying and will require a lot of work. It’s important that students are not just aware of the program, but excited for the opportunities it provides.

Veitch stressed that there are no wrong answers in the interview and the important part is to be calm, confident and outgoing. He likes to learn about the applicants beyond their report cards and will thus ask “what would your teachers from last year say about you?” Such a question helps get at not only what kind of student they are, but how well they contribute to the learning of those around them and the school community at a whole.

“It finally feels normal again,” Veitch said when reflecting on what is new at the school since the last time Saigoneer stopped by shortly after the worst of the city’s COVID-19 conditions. Indeed, students were once again running and playing throughout the quiet campus; classrooms were again filled with students absorbed in coursework and the collective joy of the previous weekend’s holiday celebration still hung in the air. Thus, it is perhaps the best possible time to be entering the school and preparing for the IBDP coursework and the ideal year to apply for a scholarship. 

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