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He Was Ordered to Be Quarantined. He Sent His Employee Instead.

LTH, the chairman of a wind power company, was on Vietnam Airlines flight 1547 from Hanoi to Hue on March 6, along with two subsequently confirmed Covid-19 patients.

On the night of March 8, the authorities of Quang Tri Province notified four people, including LTH, that they would be placed under quarantine. The group works for the wind power company in question, Tuoi Tre reports. The four employees were picked up to be sent to a hospital on the same day.

On the following day, March 9, officials discovered that LTH was not among the four people brought to the hospital. Instead, one of H’s employees, who wasn’t on the flight, had been sent instead.

“When he was demanded to be quarantined, [the chairman] ordered his employee to go instead of himself. When government authorities found out, he [the chairman] has come forward and agreed to be quarantined,” a police official in Quang Tri told Zing in Vietnamese.

The five people are now being kept in isolation, including the employee that replaced LTH.

At the time of writing, Vietnam has also announced four new cases, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections to 34. Case 31 is a 49-year-old British man who was on the same flight from London to Hanoi as Case 17, and the 32nd patient is a 24-year-old Vietnamese woman who lives in London and is reportedly friends with Case 17. She flew from the UK to Saigon on a private jet after feeling sick and was quarantined in Cu Chi District upon arrival. Case 33 is another British man, and the latest patient is a middle-aged Vietnamese woman who arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport from United States via Qatar on March 2. The woman was placed in isolation for treatment in Binh Thuan Province yesterday, March 9.

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