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Man Catches Rat, Sets It on Fire, Burns Down House

We've all have a day where nothing seems to go right. Your motorbike breaks down, you're late to work, you spill your coffee and there is one God-forsaken mosquito buzzing around your ear all day long.

For one Quang Ninh man, the day from hell took place last Thursday when, according to Thanh Nien, a resident of the province's Hai Ha District caught a rat which had been terrorizing his house, and with the help of a lighter and some gasoline, set the creature on fire.

The man told police the rat was making him crazy, prompting him to kill the rodent with fire. Upon being engulfed in flames, however, the rat realized he was having a worse day than his captor and decided to take revenge by hiding under the man's car, which was parked outside his house.

In no time at all, the flames transferred to the car and later to his house, burning everything to the ground. The moral of the story: don't light living things on fire.

[Photo via DTI]