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Da Nang to Monitor Its Development Projects Via Unmanned Drones

Last month, Da Nang authorities approved a proposal to purchase and utilize two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in an effort to better manage the city’s urban development.

According to VnExpress, Da Nang will use one of the UAVs to monitor land clearance processes for a train station relocation project in Lien Chieu District and the other one to survey mining operations in Cam Le District.

Mayor of Da Nang Huynh Huu Tho told the news source: “Software will automatically calculate all the data gathered, from the heights of buildings to the area of land” and check any discrepancies that may appear.

“The drones will alert us if they detect new buildings that have been illegally constructed,” he added.

Da Nang is seeking solutions to improve traffic congestion while maintaining its pace of development. In a separate article, VnExpress reports the city considered reducing the number of private vehicles in the city center, but municipal authorities didn’t press forward on this idea due to the city’s lack of a sound public transport system.

“Traffic congestion in the inner city is likely to become worse in the foreseeable future. That’s why it’s time to reduce private vehicles,” said Tran Dan, vice chairman of Da Nang’s Association of Bridges and Roads, according to the news outlet.

In January, Da Nang also announced a plan to invest US$70.2 million (VND1.6 billion) in a new public transport system, including a new bus rapid transit route that is expected to begin in 2019.

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