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[Video] Stunning Ha Long Bay Timelapse

When timelapse photographer, Rufus Blackwell traveled to Ha Long Bay last year, he brought along his Canon 5D mk3 and a GoPro to make this awesome video.

Even though the rain stuck around for his entire stay in the bay, he was able to keep his cameras under the small roof on the deck of the ship, allowing him to capture not only the beauty, but also the enormous scale of the UNESCO world heritage site.

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Using long exposures, Blackwell was able to remove the falling rain from the shot, leaving only the pattern of the raindrops hitting the water’s surface.

“The islands are such an incredible location that they look great in all weather conditions and in some ways the pouring rain brings out the greens really well,” he told us.


A RAINY DAY IN HA LONG BAY from Rufus Blackwell on Vimeo.

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