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What to do Along the Mekong

There are many things that set Saigon apart from other sprawling cities – the laid back lifestyle, the food, the people. But no matter how unique, the hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic and heat permeating from the concrete jungle are inescapable reminders that you are truly an urban dweller. Luckily, if one travels a few hours in any direction, they are likely to encounter one of Vietnam’s magical natural settings. One of these places is the Mekong Delta, only a stone’s throw from Saigon.

American travelers, Samuel and Audrey, recently took a guided tour through the Mekong Delta and posted a list of their favorite attractions:

1) Paddle down The Mekong Delta

2) Visiting a Floating Market

3) Mingle With Friendly Locals at a Cham Island Settlement

4) Feed Catfish at a Fish Farm

5) Listen To Traditional Vietnamese Music

6) Climb Cave Pagoda

For details on the above activities, head over to

Does this match your list of top Mekong activities? What would you remove or add?

[Photo by Quinn Ryan Mattingly

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