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High-Speed Railway Connecting Bangkok to China in the Works

The modern bullet train system will take Bangkokians to Laos and China from Bang Sue.

According to the Bangkok Post, despite being a less popular district than its neighbor, Chatuchak, Bang Sue is set to be at the heart of the Thai government's plan to make Thailand the logistic hub of ASEAN. The plan includes a major upgrade to the country infrastructure, most importantly a modern 3,193-kilometer high-speed rail network that will cost around THB2.07 trillion (US$67 billion).

Bang Sue Central Station, located in Bangkok, will cover 300,000 square meters and be surrounded by convenience amenities and commercial areas. Governor Worawut Mala, of the State Railway of Thailand, told the news source that the new station is expected to be the biggest in Southeast Asia.

The first line, linking Bangkok to Nong Khai, is already under construction and is projected to be completed by 2023. The 608-kilometer-long line will take passengers to Laos, which borders Nong Khai. Another route from the border will run to Laos’ capital, Vientiane. The last connection point will lead to Mohan, a border town in Yunnan Province in southern China.

A Laotian official said that the link between Vientiane and Mohan is half-finished, and another route connecting the capital to Nong Khai is also in progress.

The high-speed rail system will make transportation more convenient and boost Thailand's economy, Deputy Transport Minister Pailin Chuchottaworn shared with the newspaper. It has the potential to bring 10 to 20 million Chinese tourists to Thailand and Laos every year.

Ratthaphum Parichatpricha, the chief engineer at the Engineering Institute of Thailand, said that the government plans to discuss agreements regarding the railway industry with Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, as these countries are also pouring money into railways, from high-speed systems to subways.

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