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Chinese Cartoon Warns Female Civil Servants Against Dating Foreign Spies

In honor of its first-ever National Security Education Day, China put together a 16-panel cartoon warning its government employees against being seduced by ginger-haired foreign spies.

Entitled “Dangerous Love”, the cartoon poster was intended to warn “young female government workers about dating handsome foreigners who could turn out to be spies”, reports The Guardian.

In the story, beautiful young employee Xiao Li meets redheaded foreigner David at a dinner party. David poses as a visiting scholar and later peppers Xiao Li with compliments, takes her on romantic strolls and buys her dinner. Xiao Li figures: “Having a handsome, romantic and talented foreign boyfriend is pretty good.”

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Translation via China Law Translate.

That is, of course, until David convinces her to hand over secret internal documents from her job. The two are later arrested and Xiao Li is brought before two policemen who admonish her for her “shallow understanding of secrecy”.

According to one Beijing district government, the poster was on display to raise awareness of the importance of secrecy and encouraged workers to report any suspicious activity to state agencies.

While we're not sure whether every foreigner in China is a spy, we could have at least told Xiao Li one thing: never trust a ginger.

Video via YouTube user Shannon Dyson-Hides.

[Photo via Flickr user i k o]

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