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This D5 Restaurant Serves Up 7 Bowls Of Noodles For 49k

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming. Do you go with the phở or the hủ tiếu? The bún chả or the bánh canh? For all the good food Vietnam has to offer, eating requires far too many decisions in this country.

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Thankfully, diners at one District 5 restaurant no longer have to choose, reports Zing. The shop, owned by Tran Thi Thanh Nga, has taken to serving a noodle combo which features seven small bowls, each with a different type of noodles.

In addition to the miniature helpings, which cost a total of VND49,000, Nga's shop also provides five accompanying side dishes, similar to Korean-style dining. 

According to Nga, who got the idea from visiting other countries, the unorthodox way of serving noodles has attracted a lot of attention, however the combo also draws in many customers thanks to its variety.

The only hitch is that it might be a little too popular. Often, the restaurant has run out of noodles by 8pm, says Nga, causing some inconvenience for diners. The complicated nature of a seven-course order, too, means service time can be quite slow, while the restaurant's four dishwashing machines struggle to keep up with the constant orders.

On average, Nga estimates that the shop sells around 500 combos a day. Individual bowls can also be purchased for VND9,000 apiece. For now, she and the restaurant chef, Dinh Phu, are working out the kinks. It's an innovative idea, but the team wants to ensure that customers will keep coming back for more.

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