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Starbucks' Da Lat Coffee Now Available in Vietnam

As of January 4, Starbucks stores in Vietnam now sell Da Lat coffee.

The company's signature Starbucks Reserve line, a series of high-end, single-origin brews from various coffee-growing regions, debuted its Da Lat coffee in July 2015. Though the brew was previously available in 56 countries worldwide, Vietnam was not one of them.

Now, however, Vietnamese coffee drinkers can also appreciate Da Lat's superior beans, reports VietnamPlus, as the international coffee giant has begun offering Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat in its 18 shops across the country.

“Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat honors Vietnam's rich coffee heritage and traditions, as well as the local farmers who have elevated the country's specialty-grade Arabica coffee to the global stage,” Patricia Marques, general manager of Starbucks Vietnam, told VietnamPlus.

Grown in the city's Cau Dat District, the Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat is suitable as a brewed coffee, espresso or cold brew and bears notes of toffee, kola nut and vanilla.

[Photo via Starbucks]

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