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[Photos] Here Are 12 of Thailand's Tastiest Noodle Soups

We all know about , phở, bún, bánh canh, hủ tiếu, miến, cao lâu and a plethora of other Vietnamese noodles, but Thailand is equally famous for its scores of noodle-based dishes.

Thanks to the folks at Lucky Peach, now you can educate yourself on the wide and wonderful world of Thai noodles and the soups that often accompany them. Here are 12 of the best to get you started. Dig in!


A staple adopted from China featuring wheat-and-egg noodles, slices of roast pork and greens.

Khanom Jiin

One of Thailand's most regionally diverse dishes, khanom jiin features thin, round, bún-like rice noodles accompanied by various sides, including pickled veggies, fresh herbs and sometimes even hard-boiled eggs or dried fish.

Khanom Jiin Hai Lam

Thicker, round Hainan-style rice noodles, served with beef, white sesame seeds, dry-roasted peanuts and chopped cilantro in a beef broth.

Khao Poep

Directly translated as “folded rice”, khao poep is a bowl of clear, pork-based broth featuring palm-sized wontons filled with shredded vegetables. A steamed egg and slices of pork are popular add-ons to the dish.

Khao Soi

Now gaining popularity beyond the Thai border, this northern dish features rich curry broth, crispy fried noodles, chopped cilantro and green onions. It probably has Burmese origins and definitely bears a Muslim influence.

Khao Soi Nam Naa

Completely different to khao soi, this soup comes with medium-width rice noodles, bean sprouts, a spoonful of minced pork and a savory tomato paste.

Kiam Ii

Named after its fat, short hand-rolled noodles, kiam ii's prime ingredient is made from rice flour and seasoned with fish sauce and white pepper.

Kuay Jap

Popular in Bangkok's Chinatown neighborhood, this hearty dish includes mung bean flour noodles and every cut of pork under the sun.

Kuay Jap Yuan

This Vietnamese-esque noodle soup hails from the Thai provinces bordering the Mekong and includes bánh canh-style rice noodles, a peppery pork-bone broth, pork sausage and sometimes quail egg and shiitake mushrooms.

Kuaytiaw Kaeng

A Thai Muslim dish, kuaytiaw kaeng, or curry noodles, feature beef or chicken and thin rice noodles.

Kuaytiaw Kai

A chicken noodle soup dish featuring shredded poached or braised chicken, bean sprouts and Chinese celery.

Kuaytiaw Lawt

A deconstructed version of Chinese rice noodle rolls, or as we call them, bánh cuốn. Steamed rice noodle sheets are topped with pork, Chinese sausage, dried shiitake mushrooms and braised tofu.

[Photos via Lucky Peach]

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