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Sweet Typographic Map of Vietnam and Its Food

In 2008, Jodi left her job as a lawyer to pursue goal of traveling (and eating) her way across the globe. After arriving in Vietnam, she became particularly enamored with the country’s diverse culinary offerings which she’s documented on her blog, Legal Nomads. Recently, her love of food and fonts collided with these beautiful t-shirts, graced with a hand-drawn, typographic map of Vietnam and its food.

The artwork was done by her friend Ella who is the brains behind the awesome header on  “We built what I think is a gorgeous hand-drawn typographic map of the country, made entirely from names of street foods,” wrote Jodi.

While her online store won’t be available for a few more months (and she has plans to do a series of these shirts for other countries), one can pick up one of these t-shirts (in black or white) at

You can find more info about the t-shirts on her blog

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