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KFC Releases Chicken-Flavored Edible Nailpolish

At long last, KFC has answered the call of your mid-afternoon snack cravings.

McCormick, the spice company behind the Colonel's recipe, has apparently partnered up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather to produce the fast food chain's first-ever line of edible, chicken-flavored nailpolish, reports Huffington Post.

The polish currently comes in two flavors – “original” and “hot and spicy” – with one a beige hue and the other a bright orange. So far, only Hong Kong's media and fashion insiders have had the chance to taste test the product, however the nailpolish is expected to become available to the public in future.

Although each bottle of polish claims to be “edible”, no word yet on whether you can actually chug the nailpolish on its own.

To make matters weirder, here's a completely nonsensical minute-and-a-half TV spot for the nailpolish featuring beatboxing and finger dancing. Enjoy!

Video via YouTube user KFC HK.

[Photo via Vogue India]

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