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[Photos] 15 Strange Snacks From Around Asia (But Mostly Japan)

Snack food, once ubiquitous with Western culture, has become a global phenomenon. When entering new markets, multinational corporations often introduce products tailored to the palates of the local population. Asia, where convenience stores are packed with Pepsi-flavored Cheetos, wasabi/seaweed/cheese Oreos and hot & sour fish soup potato chips, is no exception.

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While the word “strange” is totally relative as some of these products will seem normal to some and strange to others, these snacks stand out for having some particularly unique flavor profiles.

KFC fried chicken potato chips

Salted cream Oreos

Strawberry cream Cheetos

Pepsi-flavored Cheetos

Smoked salami Pringles


Ice cucumber Pepsi

Mountain Dew cheese crisps

Stir fry Doritos

Yogurt Pepsi

Seaweed/wasabi/cheese Oreos

Hot & sour fish soup potato chips

Pancake drink

Vegetable and fruit ice cream

Tuna mayo Doritos

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