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Saigon to Have First-Ever Singapore Film Festival This November

The festival is co-hosted by the Singapore Film Society and Vietnamese media company RICE & Partners.

According to the organizer's press release, the festival will span from Thursday, November 1 to Sunday, November 4. The event will screen four films directed by Singaporean filmmakers and hold a panel discussion with Vietnamese director Ham Tran and two renowned Singaporean filmmakers, Bo Junfeng and Tan Pin Pin.

The opening night will feature the screening of 7 Letters, an anthology of seven short films on the concept of home and national identity, directed by seven Singaporean directors including Eric Khoo, Jack Neo, Royston Tan, K. Rajogopal, Tan Pin Pin, Kelvin Tong and Boo Junfeng.

On the second day, there will be the screening of Apprentice, a 2016 drama by Boo Junfeng. The film follows a prison correctional officer as he navigates through the complexities of the death penalty system.

The panel discussion between Boo Junfeng, Tan Pin Pin and Ham Tran will be held on the third day. Boo Junfeng is a renowned filmmaker whose themes often involve humanized and intimate perspectives on identity, memory, sexuality and human rights. Tan Pin Pin is a prolific filmmaker commonly known for her documentaries that often delve into the various aspects of history, memory, the intersection of the private and the public and self-examination. The discussion will be followed by the screening of 3688, a musical comedy directed by Rostan Tan.

On the last day of the event, Eric Khoo's Ramen Teh will be screened. The film follows a part-Japanese, part-Singaporean ramen chef that explores deeper themes about identity, kinship, multiculturalism.

The film festival will be held at CGV Dong Khoi. Have a peek at the trailer for 7 Letters below:

Video via YouTube channel 7 Letters.

[Photo via Singapore Film Festival HCMC Facebook account]

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