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Free Heat Shelters Set up in Hanoi for Outdoor Workers

A German-funded project is providing free air-conditioned sites for people to escape the summer heat of Hanoi.

According to VnExpresstwo such shelters, open since July 20, are part of a project funded by the German Red Cross Society. The sites can be found at 548 Tran Cung Street and 527 Pham Van Dong Street in Bac Tu Liem District, according to the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VNRC).

Bac Tu Liem District is crowded with people who work outdoors, such as manual workers and vendors who sometimes suffer from heatstroke. On top of providing towels, drinks and air-conditioning, there will also be volunteers and medical staff working in the shelters to offer advice for those working in the scorching heat. 

Nguyen Thu Ha, head of the Disaster Management Department of the VNRC, claims the capital has been experiencing a gradual rise in temperature during summer months over the past few years, which poses a threat to citizen's health, especially those who work directly under the sun.

She added that the two sites allow outdoor workers to rest during the hottest hours of the day, before heading back to work in the afternoon. Since the sites began operating, over 500 people have visited them.

Thirteen more shelters are being considered for Hanoi, along with similar sites in Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Ha Tinh and Da Nang. What's more, in addition to relaxation sites, moving buses for people to relax in and get away from the heat are also included in the VNRC's plan, as well as painting and covering homes with materials that insulate against the heat.

In recent months, numerous heat waves have hit Hanoi. According to AccuWeather, the average temperature in the capital was between 31 and 35°C over the past few weeks. Last month, temperatures reached a peak of 42°C, which led to two people dying of heatstroke.

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