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Hanoi Pondering Plan to Ban Vehicles Around Hoan Kiem Lake

Officials in Hanoi are considering a radical move to make the city more pedestrian-friendly.

According to Lao Dong, the Hanoi People’s Committee has delegated the local Department of Transportation to test a ban on all vehicles on some walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake. The test ban would last for one month. However, details about when this ban will be enforced — either all day or only in certain hours — will be decided later.

The temporary ban would help city authorities to analyze, evaluate, and come up with long-term solutions for governing vehicles entering the area. The local government believes vehicle restrictions will enhance pedestrian zones around the lake and adjacent areas, as well as the city’s environment.

At current designated pedestrian zones, motorized vehicles are banned from 7pm on Friday to 12am on Monday. Hanoi’s government plans to expand more walking routes which connect the Old Quarter’s southern areas to the northern area of Hoan Kiem Lake to prevent overcrowding, the news source shares.

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