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5 New Motorbikes Hit Vietnamese Dealerships This Month

Suzuki, Yamaha and Benelli have just released a new set of motorbike offerings, ranging from reasonably priced to bad-ass.

Suzuki Impulse

This bike targets male customers with its sporty looks and hopes to compete with Honda’s Air Blade and Yamaha’s Nouvo. Prices start at VND30 million.


Yamaha Nozza Grande

Yamaha is going after female customers by introducing Nozza Grande. This is the first of the company’s Vietnamese models to be equipped with the Blue Core system which enhances speed and petrol efficiency. The bike targets the same segment as Piaggio’s Liberty but at a lower price point.


Yamaha Sirius Fi

In addition to a new automatic model, Yamaha is offering up its upgraded, semi-automatic, 4-gear Sirius Fi priced from VND19 million and is available in black, white, red and grey.


Benelli Caffe Nero and naked-bike BN302

Introduced at Vietnam Motorbike Festival 2014, both models target wealthier customers. While the Caffe Nero competes with Honda’s SH, the bad-ass naked-bike BN 302 with its 300cc engine is priced 108 million VND.


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