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[Photos] The Quietude of Saigon in 1965

Thanks to decades of steady economic growth, Saigon is getting more and more crowded as people from all over the country and even overseas decide to settle down in the southern hub.

However, previous generations would remember a time when the city was still young and undeveloped. In this set of Old Saigon photos, photographer John A. Hansen took a stroll through the city center and captured some invaluable snapshots of the city in the 60s.

Among the locations Hansen visited, one could spot parts of Ton Duc Thang Street and the Bach Dang Wharf as well as Dong Khoi Street. Most of Saigon’s iconic landmarks today such as the Saigon Opera House and Hotel Continental are present in the photo collection.

Take a walk down memory lane below:

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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