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Saigoneer Podcast: Seafood Fight, Traditional Medicine and L'Arrange Rhum

We're a quarter of the way to 100 episodes!

This week, we begin (1:07) with a debate over our favorite types of seafood, a conversation which turns rather philosophical in the end.

Then (12:45), we discuss traditional Vietnamese medicine, which has some similarities and differences from the more famous traditional Chinese medicine. Are various aspects of it hokum, or scientifically legitimate?

Our interview guests (25:14) are Jérémy Marcillaud and Nicolas Plesse of L'Arrange Rhum. We chatted about their decision to begin making hand-distilled rum in Saigon, and where they hope to take their craft in the future. Check out their Facebook page for more.

As always, we end with Banh Mi Banter (37:44).

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We're off next week, but will return to your feed on August 27. Have a great week!

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