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Saigoneer Podcast: Exercise in Vietnam, Street Cred and Hanoi Zine Library

Episode 24 is out now!

This week we begin (1:06) with a conversation about exercise in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh championed doing exercise as an expression of patriotism, but how have views on this subject evolved in the modern age?

Then (11:45), we revive Saigoneer's Street Cred series, though in audio form. Nearly every street in the country is named after a famous person or place, and we take turns sharing the stories behind the names of our favorite streets and neighborhood in Saigon.

Our guest interview (27:44) features Yen Nguyen and Ed Weinberg of the Hanoi Zine Library. They share about the project's background and their hopes for its future. Find them in Hanoi at Ga Phe or Heritage Space, or on Facebook.

As always, we end with Banh Mi Banter (45:43).

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