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[Video] Louis Vuitton Seeks Vietnam's Help to Sell Bags in New Campaign

Each year, Louis Vuitton’s "Spirit of Travel" advertising campaign picks a new location for its crew to travel to and film.

For this year's campaign, the fashion brand chose Vietnam to be the backdrop for its newest promotional film, accompanied by a set of recommended bags inspired by the journey. The film runs for 70 seconds and was shot by fashion photographer Angelo Pennetta.

Scenes depicting glorious landscapes in Ninh Binh, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa can be easily spotted in between shots of Louis Vuitton’s three models, Rianne Van Rompaey, Fei Fei Sun, and Kit Butler, moving about with travel trunks and bags.

When they’re not showing off Louis Vuitton’s products, the models can be seen checking out a lantern on a Hoi An street, touching water on a moving boat, staring into the abyss from a cable car in Sa Pa and, the most quintessentially Vietnamese of all, holding a lotus flower.

Take a look at the brand’s newest ad campaign in the photos below:

[Photos via Louis Vuitton's website]

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