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Saigoneer Podcast: Contemporary Vietnamese Literature and the LGBTQ Community in Vietnam

After a one-month break, we're back on the air!

This week we made up for lost time with an episode featuring two longer, in-depth conversations. Unlike in previous shows, this episode features just one staff discussion: a deep (though incomplete) look at contemporary Vietnamese literature, including poetry, fiction, and graphic non-fiction, by both native and overseas writers. We covered Ocean Vuong, Thi Bui, Hoa NguyenRambutan Literary, and much more.

Our extended interview segment features a fun, wide-ranging talk on Vietnam's LGBTQ community and the issues they face with Anh-Thu Nguyen, a lead organizer for Les Come Out, Saigon’s first queer women and trans-inclusive party series; as well as Ricardo Glencasa, Trinh Bang Ky Nu, and Eddie Culbeaux from Full Disclosure, a group which hosts some of the largest LGBTQ-friendly events and parties in town.

Our final segment, Banh Mi Banter, closes out the show as always.

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Finally, here are some other writers we recommend but didn't have time to discuss - are we missing anyone, let us know!

Poets: Duy Doan, Mai Der Vang, Bao Phi, Jenna Le, Doa Strom and Hieu Minh Nguyen all work overseas, while Nguyen Phan Que Mai, Huu Thinh write in Vietnam and Linh Dinh translates across borders.

Fiction writers: Quan Barry, Thi Diem Thuy Le, and Duong Thu Huong.

Graphic novelists: Marcelino Truong

Publishers and publications: AJAR, Curbstone Publishing, Vagabond Press, Cha and Mekong Review.

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