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Saigon Postcard No. 1: Bitexco's Lonely Helipad

Saigoneer is proud to announce Saigon Postcards, a new series which pays loving tribute to the city we call home through original illustrations paired with text.

The project is the result of a collection of doodles and ideas which Saigon often inspires, but which don't necessarily fit in a conventional article format. Much like the music mixtapes some of us made and swapped with friends while growing up, the postcards will be a hodgepodge of styles, themes and topics. The central focus, however, will be on aspects of the city that make us laugh, cry, think, or simply pause in appreciation.

Check out the first one below (click to flip the postcard), which highlights the most famous resident of Sagion's skyline and its forever-alone helipad.

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