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[Illustrations] A Stamp Design Project Pays Homage to Women Across Vietnam

Tu Bac Dzo Nam is a project by graphic designer Huu Danh, who is known for his works on Sai Gon Sau Vai.

The initial decision to mark an annual commemoration day dedicated to women was made in August 1910 at the Second International Socialist Women’s Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, following the proposal made by German feminist activist Clara Zetkin. On March 8, 1917, a demonstration of tens of thousands of women in Petrograd demanding change kickstarted the Russian Revolution and led to the overthrow of the tsar. The date then became the official date for International Women's Day.

In Vietnam, the day is celebrated as both International Women's Day and the commemoration day of the Trung Sisters' rebellion against the country's first Chinese domination. In the wake of the upcoming International Women's Day, Tu Bac Dzo Nam captures Vietnamese women from all three regions in a series of beautifully illustrated stamps.

Take a closer look at the project below:

A woman from northern Vietnam.


A woman from southern Vietnam.

A woman from central Vietnam.

[Images via Huu Danh's Behance]

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