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Year in Review: Saigoneer's 20 Picks for Best Vietnamese Music of 2019

In a nutshell, 2019 has been a year of milestones, blurring of genres and retrospection for Vietnamese music.

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Saigon Independent Art Space San Art Launches Fundraising Exhibition This Month

Founded in 2007 by four artists including Dinh Q. Le, Tiffany Chung, Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Ha Thuc Phu Nam, the space is one of Saigon’s pioneer independent, non-profit and artist-initiated art platforms.

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What's Inside the Eclectic Sets of Coracle Music Festival's 2nd Edition?

Perfect weather, a beautiful setting and great acts — what more do you need from a music festival?

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In 'Method,' Performers Explore Contemporary Dance's Universe of Movements

On the day of my visit, the dancers of ‘Method’ were practicing an exercise that involves many people crashing into each other before they all proceed to fall to the ground; their movements resemble vehicles falling into pieces after an accident.

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[Video] The Effortlessly Cool Longboarders Conquering Saigon Sidewalks in Áo Dài

Have you ever seen something so effortlessly kickass?

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[Video] A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Schoolgirl in Saigon

What might life be like for a public school student in Saigon who hails from a less well-off family?

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Saigoneer Bookshelf: Americana Through a Vietnamese Lens in 'Butterfly Yellow'

“Read what you don’t know because if you can already imagine it, then you can already imagine it; but if you can’t, then open up something that reveals a world you can’t imagine and then suddenly you’re like, 'oh wow.'” 

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How Saigon Brought Together Skeleton Goode, the City's Latest Psych Rock Band

While some may find it hard to explore Saigon's music scene given the dearth of live venues, record labels and media coverage, bands like Skeleton Goode ensure that Saigoneers can enjoy a wide range of music.

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Sun, Sand and Scary Beasts on Malaysia's Perhentian Islands

Southern Vietnam's rainy season coincides nicely with the dry season on Malaysia’s east coast, home to the Perhentian Islands, nestled in the East Sea.

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'Reinvent Saigon' Asks Visitors to Reimagine the City and Themselves

Through tomorrow, the week-long Reinvent Saigon festival is taking place at five locations across the city.

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To Bring Nature Into the Spotlight, an Architecture and Urbanism Festival Looks to Binh Quoi

Across Asia, urban landscapes are booming. The space they claim spreads further than ever, avidly consuming new land to cope with the influx of inhabitants and enterprises they must house.

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Saigoneer Podcast: The Food Authenticity Debate

The latest podcast episode is available now, and we've got a new recording sound!

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Vietnamese Version of Michelle Obama’s Memoir Released in Vietnam

On July 16, First News - Tri Viet officially released the Vietnamese version of Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming.

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[Illustrations] The Illusory, Colorful Retro Japan of Kyoko Nakamura

These eye-catching illustrations articulate Japan's hyper dualities.

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[Video] Watch the Cheeky Anti-Plastic PSA That's Taking Vietnam's Cybersphere by Storm

A plastic bag’s life is five times that of an average human.

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[Video] Sidewalk Barbers: A Glimpse of Old Saigon

Sidewalk barbershops are a symbol of old Saigon. In the face of globalization and its demands for westernization, the sight of a simple chair placed beneath an awning where one can get an affordable t...

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Saigoneer Podcast: Nhậu Roundtable Special & Laiday Refill Station Co-Founder Quyen Nguyen

The new Saigoneer Podcast episode is available now!

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Over 77% of Foreign Tourists in Vietnam Are From Asia, Statistics Office Says

Tourists from the Americas make up the second-largest group of foreign arrivals in Vietnam.

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Vingroup Establishes New Airline Vinpearl Air, Aviation Training Centers

The Vietnamese conglomerate continues its relentless expansion.

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[Illustrations] The Beauty of Saigon Street Carts Through the Eye of Its Beholder

It’s easy to take Saigon street cart culture for granted, but it only takes the discerning eyes of an artist to remind us once again why these carts are the cornerstone of our urban tapestry.

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Saigoneer Podcast: Domestic Tourism's Rise & the Son Tung-Snoop Dogg Music Video

The latest Saigoneer Podcast episode is available now!

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Inside 'Summer Rolls,' the First British-Vietnamese Play in the UK

Summer Rolls is currently being staged at the Park Theater in London until July 13.

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Vietnam Airlines Increases Carry-On Weight Limit From 7kg to 12kg

The national airline has increased the carry-on luggage weight limit from seven to 12 kilograms for economy tickets.

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[Video] Disney Releases Adorable Short Set in Thailand's Floating Markets

It's fried rice versus pineapple when Micky and Minnie Mouse battle in this Walt Disney short that has spawned a variety of memes.

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[Illustrations] A Calendar Features Famous Phantoms in Vietnamese Folklore

Demon henchmen, a vampire and even a hero get their own month alongside the year's lunar animal in this colorful calendar.

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Saigon Postcard No. 17: Our Love and Hate for the Rainy Season

The monsoon season's heavy clouds carry a chaos of conflictions.

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VietJet Announces New Direct Flights From Saigon, Da Nang to Tokyo

Direct routes will connect Tokyo with Da Nang and Saigon.

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[Video] Worlds Collide in New Son Tung M-TP Single Featuring Snoop Dogg

You heard that right.