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On the Cusp of a Modern New Year, Reflections on a Simpler Tet Past

Every year, as the pages from my block calendar peel off, bringing me towards another Vietnamese New Year, my mind once again fills with nostalgia about an old Tet. Tet in my memory begins with my childhood in a small house nestled under a coconut grove on the outskirts of Bac Lieu in the Mekong Delta. Those were days of hardship, yet my parents worked hard so that Tet could bloom magnificently for all of us.

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Saigon Postcard No. 21: The Year of the Rat Wedding

They say it's bad to get married during your year on the Lunar Calendar. 

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Art Platform S.E.A. Focus Brings Together 20 Galleries From Vietnam, Asia

In its second year, the art platform brought together 20 galleries from across Asia and beyond, highlighting a diverse range of contemporary Asian artists in one space.

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Fashion, Contemporary Art Ruminations Intermingle in Designer Cong Tri's 'Cục Im Lặng'

Cuc Im Lang, the latest exhibition from renowned fashion designer Nguyen Cong Tri, presented ten collections spanning his 20-year career through the lens of ten contemporary artists across different mediums and practices.

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[Illustrations] The Mythological Race That Created Vietnam's Zodiac, Retold in Watercolor

After 12 years, Vietnam’s zodiac cycle will once again reset to welcome the Year of the Mouse, the first animal in the dozen.

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Saigoneer Getaways: To a Saigoneer, Phnom Penh Is Same Same, But Different

Is it possible to even recognize everything that has changed after 10 years?

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[Photos] A Night With Kim Lee, the Only Vietnamese Drag Queen in Poland

There are only around 30 drag queens in Poland, and just one of them has Vietnamese roots: Kim Lee.

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The Masterful Urban Symbolism of 'Turn Left, Turn Right' Author Jimmy Liao

Jimmy Liao is a prolific Taiwanese illustrator and author who has expanded readership of picture books beyond children to general audiences. With sensitivity and creativity, he crafts each of his stories to become a journey through human feelings, a pathway towards Liao’s inner world, a world worth reviewing.

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Hue's Tu Duc Tomb Is Now Preserved Digitally in Google Arts and Culture

Open Heritage 3D aims to provide open access to digital preservation data of heritage sites around the world.

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Saigoneer Podcast: A Reckoning on Child Harassment; That Burger King Ad; & 'Startup Vietnam' Author Andrew Rowan

We're back from a two-week break!

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VietJet to Start Flying to From Saigon to Bali This May

Indonesia's most popular beach destination just got one stop closer for Saigon residents.

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Hanoi Designer Turns Áo Dài Into Elegant Modern Typeface

Has the AODAI typeface captured the elegant essence of its namesake?

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Iconic Da Lat College Closes Doors to Tourists Indefinitely

A well-traveled tourist attraction in Da Lat recently closed its doors to visitors due to insufficient resources.

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[Photos] Krossing Over Arts Festival Wraps up a Striking Week of Performances

The third edition of the Krossing Over Arts Festival ended in Saigon on Thursday, capping a week of exciting workshops, artist talks and contemporary dance performances.

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On Reconciling With One's Vietnamese Half as an American

My mother is Vietnamese and my father is American, yet I’ve always felt as though I was a tea bag submerged solely in American water. I was born and raised in Minnesota, I speak only English, and I kn...

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Award-Winning Film 'The Third Wife' to Screen in Vietnam in May

Set in the 19th century, The Third Wife follows 14-year-old May who was selected to be the third wife of a wealthy landowner.

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[Video] Rapper Datmaniac Features Cat Shelter in 'May Con Meo' Music Video

If Japan’s “cat island” or Taiwan’s “cat village” are public venues maintained by collective efforts, Saigon’s cat shelters are run by Samaritans who take care of local felines using their own limited...

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Here's a Thien Long Ballpoint Pen, Now Make Art With It

Nomer Adona has lived in Vietnam since 1994, a 25-year journey (so far) that has taken him from working as an architect with the Malaysian government to the halls of international schools.

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Hanoi–Saigon Becomes World's 6th-Busiest Flight Route

The Hanoi–Ho Chi Minh City route moved No. 6 in the study of world’s busiest air routes in 2018, reported by British aviation analysis company OAG.

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Born in California, a Vietnamese-American Returned to Vietnam. This Is What She Saw.

My parents are originally from Vietnam and came to the United States as refugees after the war. I was born in Orange County, California, where many Vietnamese people who came to America made their new...

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[Illustrations] Your Favorite Saigon Street Snacks as Seen in Pixel Art Form

Saigon’s street snacks always look mouth-watering in any form.

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Saigoneer Bookshelf: Serious Play with Poet Duy Doan

A lion cub’s tussling, teething and roughhousing represents not simply play for play’s sake, but instead, training for a life of stalking, pouncing and throat-gashing; and so it might be with the poem...

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[Illustrations] A Graphic Design Project Inspired by Ancient Champa Seductresses

Apsaras are supernatural female beings who appear in many works of ancient arts in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

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Myra Tran, Vietnamese Contestant of American Idol, Eliminated at Top 40

With a powerful voice and bright stage presence, Myra Tran had potential to realize her American Idol dream and do Vietnam proud. Alas, that dream was cut short even before the finalists were announce...

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A 60-Year-Old Trash Chute Is Saigon's Latest Most Checked-In Place on Instagram

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day! This article was part of Saigoneer's 2019 April Fools' Day celebration. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, a...

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Saigoneer Podcast: Listener Mailbag

Happy April Fools' Day!

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The Return of Krossing Over Arts Festival: Deeper, Bolder, Wider

Now in its third edition, the Krossing Over Arts Festival begins later this week and is expanding both in scope, with more events planned, and reach, as Hanoi is now on the schedule as well.

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'The Song of Kiều' Is the Newest Addition to Penguin Classics Series

Originally written in Nôm script and lục bát (sixth-eighth) verses, Nguyen Du's epic poem Truyện Kiều has always been a quintessential reading for many Vietnamese across generations.